About us

We are French and settled in La Costa Del Sol.

We share our passion and experience in the field of real estate and we make ourselves available to our customers.

We offer both holiday rentals on the Costa del Sol and our services in the search for purchase of a property.

Our position in the market and the knowledge of it, allows us to offer you products for sale quality, we cooperate with the banks and the best real estate agents of our zone.

With our extensive experience in the seasonal rental market, we are happy to offer you a rental with the best value for money and adapted to your needs.



1.The total number of Guests cannot exceed the number identified in this agreement or on the Company’s website. Parties, weddings, receptions, events and other similar functions will require written permission in advance, as well as other requirements and fees deemed necessary. Any kind of catering, Chef and/or cooking services must be arranged in cooperation with the Locdelsol team in order to acquire the Homeowner’s permission and ensure the safety of the property and its equipment. No additional people beyond the maximum occupancy of the Property are allowed on the Property at any time, unless agreed with the Property Manager in writing.

2. Security deposit: Is the sum of money that the guest gives during the check-in process of the property as safeguard against damages made to the property. If no damages occur during your stay, the sum is given back in full at check-out.

3. Failure to comply with term #1 or #2 or any of the following will/may result to the immediate termination of the leasing agreement, the forfeiture of the whole amount of the stay, excluding the security deposit amount if no damage is present, the forceful vacating of the property & personal contacts of the occupants.

4. The Homeowner reserves the right to enter the property for inspection at all times with reasonable warning/notice to Guest. Supporting personnel (maid, gardener, pool/Jacuzzi maintenance people) can enter the property at pre-agreed times (please discuss with the villa manager on your check in).

5. Main food supplies (groceries, meat, vegetables, etc), alcoholic drinks, bottled water or other supplies are NOT included in the rental price.

6. Rental day ends at 11:00 am. ⁃ Guests staying after 11:00 am will be charged 1/2-day rental ⁃ Guests staying after 17:00 pm will be charged a full day rental

7. Properties are expected to be handed over tidy and clean. An extra cleaning fee may be subtracted from the security deposit if the property is left excessively dirty or a mess.

8. It is not allowed to change the setting or decoration of the property (including furniture placement) without the prior consent of the Homeowners. Inside furnishings stay inside and outside furnishings outside! Rearranging the houses can lead to cancellation of the booking and forfeiture of the whole stay and damage deposit amount.

9. The Guest(s) is/(are) liable for any damage or for the removal /destruction of items on and around the properties, including and not limited to plants, external structures, etc. Guests are expected to respect the property and their contents. property items, including and not limited to linen and/ ornamental things should remain with the property.

10. Pets are allowed only with prior consent and approval of the Homeowners. The Homeowners reserve the right to cancel the rental agreement if a pet is found on the premises without prior consent.

11. Guests are expected to conserve water & energy. Please turn off lights, fans, stoves, air conditioners, water heaters, TVs unless needed! Water is extremely scarce in Spain, use it, do not abuse it.

12. Guests are expected to use common sense and caution not to jeopardize the integrity of the buildings and structures or expose them to fire, explosives, flammable or pressurized liquids (e.g. scuba tanks, oxygen bottles, liquified gas bottles, etc). In case of such damage, guests will be held legally liable for such damages and charges shall be pressed through the Spain Judicial System.

13. Guests are expected to use common sense in not bothering neighbors or making noise on off hours (23:00-08:00). The Homeowner will exert his right to terminate immediately a lease of a property without any reimbursement if official complaints are received for noise or drunken behavior during ANY TIME.

14. The Homeowner cherishes our Guests’ safety and will do what is logical and humanly possible to safeguard it. In no case will the Homeowner be responsible though for accidents or Acts of God that may result in sickness, injury or death of one or more of them during their rental.

15. The Homeowner assumes no responsibility for accidents, injury, death or loss, including consequential damages from the rental and use of its properties. By sending in your booking deposit or the signed copy of this document, you accept this Agreement to fully legally waive any future claim against the Homeowner in case any such event occurs.

16. Swimming Pools: special clause for houses with swimming pools, private or common used with caution for leisure and only. Guests assume full responsibility for the use in or around swimming pools. In case of accident, injury or death, by signing this Agreement, the Guests waive any future claim against the Homeowner. PLEASE NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED PLAYING AROUND OR INSIDE THE SWIMMING POOL.

17. Security and valuables: You are fully responsible for any valuables left at the property. Our company shall not be responsible for any potential loss. If provided, burglar alarms should be activated, safes used and suitable care be taken against theft and burglary. You should make sure to have all doors, panes and windows closed and locked when leaving the accommodation. In the event of any theft or damage occurring through negligence of yours, the Owner reserves the right to ask compensation from you. In case you vacate the property owing to a burglary, no refund shall be given, unless proven evidence exists of the Owner’s failure to familiarize you of the anti-burglary systems in the accommodation.

18. We strongly advise you to have a medical plan that will cover any medical expenses in Spain. In case of sickness or injury, we will do our best to have the patient reach professional medical assistance, the soonest possible. If you or a member of your family has any serious chronic condition, including severe allergies, you are obliged to inform us in advance. Bring ample supplies of the medications you normally need or take, it may be difficult to find on location. If you are allergic to bees or wasps common in Greece during the summer, please inform us and bring antidotes.

19. The Homeowner reserves the right to end immediately the leasing agreement and choose to reimburse or not, in case where property management has evidence or receives complaints for impeachment of Spain Law.

20. The Homeowner reserves the right to cancel and refund in full any reservation due to unforeseen weather conditions, Acts of God, property damage or other forms of forced property unavailability and or/to move/change guests’ other accommodation –if available- in the area, with Guests' prior consent.

21. In case of a cancellation due to external factors (Acts of God, Force Majeure), in no circumstance will the Homeowner be responsible for consequential damages of such a cancellation (ticket loss, extra charges, etc) and no such claim(s) will be honored.

22. By accepting this leasing agreement the Guests hereby affirm that they have legally entered Spain for vacation reasons only and have the legal documents to prove it upon request of the Authorities. In the opposite case, the Rental Agreement is canceled immediately and payment is forfeited in full.

23. Complaints: Should the property not meet your requirements for whatever reason, you must first contact Locdelsol Marbella SL by telephone on the day of your arrival who will then attempt to resolve the problem. Complaints received at the end of the tenancy will not be accepted. If you vacate the property before the departure date without notifying our local representative, you will not necessarily be entitled to a refund. If the problem was not resolved to your reasonable satisfaction during your stay, you should put your comments in writing within 7 days of your return. We will forward your written complaint to the Owner and will within reason liaise with the Owner to assist in reaching a satisfactory settlement for all justifiable complaints regarding the property you may have. Neither we, nor the owner can be held responsible for noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the property or which is beyond the owner's control. If a source of reasonably obvious noise has been in existence prior to your arrival and we are informed of this, we will contact you to inform you of the disturbance.

24. Indemnification: Our company is an agent of the Owner and neither us nor any of its affiliated entities, shareholders, directors, employees, agents and representatives (“Affiliates”) is liable for any delays, accidents, damages, injuries or losses suffered by you, your guests or the Property. In no event, will the Company or its Affiliates be liable for any indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement or the rental or use of the Property. If, despite the limitations contained herein, the Company or its Affiliates are found liable for any loss or damage which arises out of or in any way connected with any of the occurrences described herein, then the Company’s or its Affiliates’ liabilities will in no event exceed the total related rental revenue paid by you at the time of the occurrence. Following your booking, the Company may offer to help coordinate or organize certain guest services for you in connection with your property rental. Some of the service providers are independent contractors and are not representatives or employees of the Company. The Company and its Affiliates are not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any such service provider or for any personal injuries, property damage or other damages or expenses relating thereto.

25.Smoking is NOT allowed OR Smoking is allowed outside only.

26. Jurisdiction: In the event of any dispute, the parties agree that any such disputes shall be settled by Spain Law.

27. Sending this contract signed automatically verifies the Guests' acceptance of the hereby Rental Terms.